Happy Movember!

Even offices that expect clean-cut and presentable men are finding a way to be more relaxed in November.  Oh the things we do for cancer awareness. Movember began a few years ago as a way to increase prostate cancer awareness and has become an international phenomenon.

What is Movember?

Movember started in Australia as a way to raise money for cancer research.  Companies, organizations and clubs start teams on the Movember website. Men make a dedication to grow out a mustache for the entire month of November. Men shave only on November 1st and by the end of the month, they are sporting a glorious mustache. Teams consisting of both men and women encourage individuals to give to their cause – the money goes toward prostate and testicular cancer initiatives.

In just eight years, the number of participants in the “No-Shave November” movement has increased tremendously. In 2004, just 430 people participated. In 2011, there were over 850,000 participants.  The amount of money raised has gone up too. Last year in the U.S., Americans donated over $126 million dollars to the cause.

A Call to All Men for Cancer Awareness

Mustache-for-MovemberIf you’ve always wanted to grow facial hair but your significant other has told you “no,” this might be your chance to make it happen. If your job advises against facial hair, now might be a great opportunity to inform your bosses of this great cause and see if employers will join in support, too. It’s not only raising money for a great cause, but it’s increasing awareness of some of the top cancer killers among men. We’ve found that many employers are on board with wellness initiatives – make sure your employer knows about this opportunity!

Cancer Screening

If you’re in the midst of participating in Movember, remember that it doesn’t stop with growing out a mustache. The goal of cancer awareness is cancer prevention, and often times the first step is screening. Test Smartly Labs can run a series of health tests to determine if you are at risk for cancer – even prostate or testicular cancer. With our blood tests, we can determine if you have any markers of cancer based on your lab results. We can also run Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) tests for men to determine if levels are elevated and further physician evaluation is required.

Take advantage of Movember in more ways than one. Get screened for cancer AND grow out a great mustache.


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