Health Monitoring Devices in the Workplace?

Workplace wellness programs, particularly those with disease-management portions, have a proven track record. How can employees hope to top that success? According to some, the next step in workplace wellness programs is the addition of wearable health monitoring devices.

What is this new technology and how can it work for your company’s wellness program? Here are the details.

Wearable Health Monitoring Devices & Workplace Wellness

When you think of health monitoring devices, your mind might go to an EKG or some other bulky, expensive hospital equipment. But this isn’t the technology that can integrate so well into workplace wellness programs. The wearable health monitoring devices that can improve your employees’ physical wellbeing are designed for daily use, and many of them track your diet, exercise, blood pressure levels, oxygen levels, and more!

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in early January, several companies unveiled their new wearable health monitoring devices. Here are just a few that caught our eye.


FitBit has been around since 2008, but has made strides since its first generation device, the FitBit Classic. Using a 3D accelerometer, these wearable health monitoring devices can gauge how many steps you’ve taken, how many calories you’ve burned, how long and how intensely you’ve worked out, and how well you slept at night. Its LED display makes it easy for users to view their results, plus the accompanying website helps you visualize your activity and sleep patterns on a larger scale.

Depending on the model of FitBit, you can wear it on your clothing or around your wrist. Like most other health monitoring devices, it’s very compact and not obtrusive — and it would incorporate perfectly into any workplace wellness program, as it helps employees monitor their physical activity. In fact, as FitBit CEO James Park revealed at CES, these health monitoring devices are currently in use at 30 of the Fortune 500 workplace wellness programs.

iHealth’s Ambulatory Blood Pressure MonitorARCpoint Labs | Workplace Wellness & Health Monitoring Devices

These wearable health monitoring devices can measure a user’s blood pressure on-the-go. Worn inside a vest, the monitor can connect to mobile devices using Bluetooth or to PCs with a USB connection. They give a user around-the-clock access to their blood pressure levels — perfect for when employees need to monitor their levels to gauge if lifestyle changes are improving their blood pressure. iHealth’s wearable health monitoring devices can be tweaked to deliver blood pressure readings different intervals so that users can customize the process to their wants and needs.


The last of the wearable health monitoring devices to watch, Tinke measures your heart rate, breathing rate, and blood oxygen level. That’s a lot of information to glean just from the press of a thumb. Tinke also suggests breathing exercises for users, designed to lower stress levels and increase overall wellness. These wearable health monitoring devices promise you a complete picture of your fitness and wellness at a glance.

Using Wearable Health Monitoring Devices in Your Workplace Wellness Program

By tapping into the latest in health monitoring devices, your company can promote overall wellness in your employees. Make it easier for workers — especially those suffering from or approaching high risk of chronic diseases — to track their progress, visualize their fitness, and monitor important health levels. Wearable health monitoring devices seem to be the future of workplace wellness — will you be embracing them?

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