Help Out your Spring Allergy Sufferers

Be a thoughtful employer when it comes to your employees that battle spring allergies
Your employee’s dark under-eye circles might make it seem like she’s not slept for days, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. With pollen season in full-swing, her itching, sneezing and runny nose might be coming from spring allergies.

As an employer, you can’t do much to help your employees conquer their spring allergy symptoms. Well, you can encourage them to get an allergy test to discover what exactly they suffer from. But that’s about it. However, there are a few things you can do to prevent them from getting worse:

1. Turn on the Air Conditioning

Spring allergies are mostly caused by pollen or mold spores floating through the air. When someone opens a window, gushes of fresh air full of pollen particles will follow. Encourage employees to keep windows closed and turn on the A/C. (Yes, even if it’s only April.) Your employees will thank you. As will your budget for facial tissues.

2. Don’t Plan Outdoor Activities

We understand that when the weather starts to get nicer, everyone seems to start thinking of ways to get the office outside to soak up some sun. However this will make your employee with hay fever go crazy, especially if she doesn’t have the proper medication on-hand. While a company field trip, picnic or kickball game might seem like a good idea, consider waiting until closer to summer when the trees have fully bloomed and pollen counts are lower.

3. Request Nighttime Mowing

If your business hires a lawn service each week, request that they mow and trim after hours when your employees have gone home for the night. Some who are allergic to grasses suffer when the lawn is freshly cut. Pollen from grass also travels through the air and can cause your employee to feel miserable and lack focus. By requesting lawn service in the evening you’ll allow enough time for the grass particles to settle and not impact your employee durig the workday.



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