Hosting a Healthy Office Pot-luck

Office birthdays, holidays, and laid back Fridays, what do they all have in common? Usually they involve food. This time when the office parties roll in, keep your office void of sugary sweets by encouraging healthy potluck!

How often are people in the workplace bringing in food to share? Maybe it’s someone’s birthday or you just made extra cookies and you wanted to share. And to top it all off, the worst place for it is in the break room or office lounge.

If you are trying to diet and there is constantly sugary-snacks around it can become extremely difficult. Luckily there is a solution. Instead of having to avoid social gatherings at the office because the temptation of sweets is too high, why not implement a healthy pot-luck. For the next office party try suggesting that everyone bring in a healthy alternative to the bagels and doughnuts usually offered.

Can eating healthy taste good?

Surprisingly there are actually a ton of healthy recipes that taste delicious. Try checking out the Food Network and Cooking Light  and you will be shocked to find the scrumptious options they have to offer.

Make it a Common Theme

Once your office tries the healthy pot-luck, and hopefully it is a success, try making it a regular occurrence. Instead of waiting for the next birthday in the office, suggest having a healthy potluck every other Friday.

Try New Things

Not only does having a reoccurring healthy po-tluck create camaraderie within the office, it also encourages employees to try new healthy options. To keep things lively try making each pot-luck a new theme. With a variety of themes and healthy options, you will keep people’s taste buds coming back for more.

It may surprise people to find that they really enjoy hummus and pita chips over Cheetos and Doritos. And once you find out you like something, you are more likely to make the effort to purchase that item.

Better Workers, Better work

When you find healthy choices of food that you actually like you are really doing a great service to your body. Eating the right types of foods, foods that are nutrient rich and low in sugars, will help you have more energy and make you more productive during the day.

Constantly eating sugary sweets and sodas, even ones with caffeine in them, will drain you of energy and will constantly leave you craving more sugar and caffeine. It is an dangerous cycle.

Work Place Wellness

One great way to check your employees’ productivity is to provide optimum wellness. To diagnose how far your office is away from optimum wellness, find a wellness testing lab in your area. Wellness testing is a good tool to use to get your office into their best potential shape physically, which will ultimately lead to increased productivity.

So if you are looking to make changes around your office the next time you have an office party coming up, be bold and suggest making it a healthy pot-luck. Who knows, the rest of your office may just like the idea too!


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