How to Breathe Life into Your Workplace Wellness Program


Workplace Wellness Blog Title Template (1)Getting your employees to get excited about your workplace wellness program can seem like an impossible feat. Even the most robust program can become boring after time. Here are some strategies to liven up your program:

Plan New Events

The trap of planning the same events year after year can be an easy one to fall into. After all, you’ve developed relationships with the people who organize the 5Ks or charity walks, and everything falls into place like clockwork. Plan some more innovative wellness events like joining a kickball league, for instance.

Create a Fitness Committee

Find people who are champions for wellness to get the ball rolling in a positive direction. Enthusiasm is contagious, and they’ll spread the word about your program.

Success Deserves Celebration

Wellness is a journey, and milestones should be rewarded. Employees will be more likely to join in on the fun if they have something to look forward to along the way.

Physical Health and Beyond

Diet and exercise advice shouldn’t be the only thing you give your employees. They’ve heard it all before. Give them tips for financial health, mental health and anything else you deem worthy to include.

Seriously. Get excited.

Enthusiasm really is contagious, and employees will be happy to jump on the workplace wellness bandwagon if they see you getting excited about it. The power to keep things from getting mundane is in your hands. Talk to your people. They’ll tell you what they enjoy and what they don’t particularly like. You know your people and what they get excited about. Keep doing that.

Test Smartly Labs Can Help

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