How to Help Your Employees Have a Relaxing Holiday

As we have explored before, stress can be a danger to your employees’ health.

While vacations can go a long way to relieve stress, we all know that sometimes, work finds a way to interrupt our days off, meaning our vacation time isn’t really restful.

To help prevent that, we’re sharing 3 ways you can help your employees have a relaxing holiday — so they can return to work refreshed and mentally ready for 2015!

Encourage Employees to Have a Restful Holiday Vacation!

Tell Them to Turn Their Laptops OFF

For your employees to truly rest on their holiday vacation, they need to turn their laptops off and ignore work distractions. You can help encourage this by reminding employees that emails can wait — and not sending any yourself, too.

Provide Stress Relief GiftsKick Up Your Feet

Send your employees off on their holiday vacations right with some gifts that will encourage them to relax! You can create simple relaxation kits that include mugs with tea, chocolates, bubble bath, comfy socks, and even a gift card to the movie theater. A gesture like this will remind your workers that you want them to de-stress during their time off.

Be Mindful When Scheduling

One way to help ensure your employees actually use their holiday vacation to relax? Avoid setting major deadlines right before or after the holidays, as this can cause headaches for your employees. No one wants to feel like the need to work over their time off. If you truly want your employees to come back ready to work, make it so they don’t feel pressured on their break!

Workplace Wellness to Encourage Mental Health

Partnering with Test Smartly Labs for your workplace wellness can help prevent employees stress and promote both mental and physical health. Let us work with you to devise a workplace wellness program that targets the health issues your employees are most concerned about.

To learn more or get started today, contact your local wellness-certified Test Smartly Labs!


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