How To Prep For A Summer Vacation While Working 9-5

Nothing can ruin your enjoyment of a vacation quite like worrying about what’s going on back at the office. Is your inbox exploding? Are your tasks getting completed properly? Are your clients being taken care of?

Fortunately, with sufficient preparation, you can spend your vacation actually enjoying yourself instead of worrying about work.

5 Tips To Help Prepare For A Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation Tips For Work1. Banish Guilt

You may feel an inward sense of guilt about leaving your post for a vacation. Don’t. Taking time off of work to de-stress is an essential step towards being a productive employee when you’re in the office. Remember that employees who take vacations need fewer sick days, are in better physical and mental health, and are more engaged when they are in the office. So instead of worrying about how behind you’ll be if you take a summer vacation, think about how focused you’ll be when you get back.

2. Give Your Boss Plenty of Notice

This gives your boss time to prepare for your absence. It can also help to prevent any last minute scheduling conflicts that might put your vacation plans at risk. This way, too, you can work with your boss to make sure you’re not taking vacation during one of the busiest times of year for your organization. The more notice you can give your boss, the less stressed he or she will likely be when you leave the office for the airport.

3. Delegate Your Tasks

Putting someone else in charge of your workload is key to helping you relax while you’re on vacation. You should create a list of everything that needs to be done and assign each of these tasks to an appropriate coworker. Two weeks before you leave for summer vacation, remind everyone in the office that you’ll be leaving and give them specific dates to let them know when you’re leaving and when you’ll return. Make sure you share your task list with your boss is aware of who is taking over your tasks while you’re on vacation so there’s no confusion.

4. Clean Your Slate

Spend some time finishing up any lingering projects that you’ve started. Get your auto-responder email set up and include specific information about how long you’ll be gone and who can help in an urgent situation. Take the time to clean your desk to make your return less stressful.

5. Don’t Answer Your Phone

To really get the wellness and productivity boosting benefit from your time off, you need to surrender to a vacation state of mind. Don’t answer your phone and don’t check your email. Your coworkers may try to contact you, but have faith in them to figure out any problems they encounter on their own. Trust in the fact that you’ve prepared everyone in the office well enough that they can complete your tasks without you. And try to remember how to have fun!

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