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Much of the country is facing one of the warmest summers we’ve seen in awhile. High temperatures, lack of rain (in some areas) and humidity doesn’t just kill the grass and rack up high electricity bills from running the A/C all day. It can also hurt our fitness and exercise routines. If you’ve been struggling to get your workouts in beause you can’t stand to go outside, try some of these indoor options:

1. Use your workplace gym.

Many workplaces are starting to offer employee fitness rooms. Even smaller organizations are seeing the benefits of workplace wellness and designing spaces for employee workouts. If you’re on a tight budget that doesn’t allow for an alternate gym membership – or your schedule doesn’t have any time for a workout before or after work – consider taking advantage of your employer’s gym. After all – it’s there for you to use!

2. Take the stairs, sit on a ball.

Sure, taking the stairs or switching out your swivel chair for an exercise ball may not burn the same amount of calories as a jog around the neighborhood. However it would burn more than riding the elevator or sitting in a stationary place all day. While summer temps run high, small little ways to burn calories, even around your desk, can all add up.

3. Traveling for work? Plan to work out!

Several hotels have very nice workout rooms with some of the latest high-tech treadmills and weight equipment. Set your alarm a little early and get up to burn off a few calories before your big meeting.

Strength training can help get you the results you want.

4. Focus on weight training.

Outdoor jogging is a great cardio workout; however, summer might be a great time to get in strength training intervals, too. Strength training won’t only improve your cardio and make you stronger, but it will also make you leaner and give you the results you want.

5. Invest in a great workout video.

Last, consider investing in a great workout DVD series (or two) for an indoor workout. Summer’s heat keeps us inside, and for many of us, winter’s arctic blasts will have us in this place once again. If you have the extra funds, consider buying an exercise routine on video that you can use over and over. A few recommended DVDs include Jillian Michaels’ workouts (30 Day Shred is a quick, 30-minute circuit), P90X or Insanity (a great challenge that includes cardio & strength training) and KBands (a resistance bands training series that is extremely effective and portable.)




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  1. Great tips for still getting your exercise in, but avoiding this horrific heat spell we are having. Hope to see more articles like this.

  2. Anything to get out of the heat sounds good to me. I have noticed that the gyms have been a lot more packed since it has been so hot outside.

  3. It’s always nice to be able to get fresh air with your exercise, but when it is so hot it can be dangerous for your health. Thank you for reminding us the many ways we can still get some exercise indoors!

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