Involve Your Employees’ Family in Workplace Wellness

National Kids Day took place this Sunday, bringing to mind the importance of maintaining good health not just for your employees but for their families as well. There is a strong relationship between the health of your employees’ families and the amount of productivity you can expect from your employees. The CDC reports that healthy employees are more likely to have healthy family members, meaning that that less employee productivity is lost to caring for sick family.

Because employee family wellness is such an important issue, Test Smartly Labs wants to take some time to share ideas about how you can get your employee’s families involved in your workplace wellness programs.

Families and Workplace Wellness Programs

Workplace Wellness for Families

Recognize the Importance of Family Meals

One of the most important things that families can do to maintain the health of their bodies and their relationships is to eat dinner together. Cooking at home allows for easier control of portion sizes and lets families take charge of the foods that go into their meals. Eating at home means better nutrition, experts agree. But it also means better relationships among family members and helps kids to do better at school. Employers can encourage family dinners by providing education about the importance of eating home cooked meals. They can also work to make sure that employees are allowed to leave on time so that they can make it home for dinner.

Contact Family Members Directly

Don’t assume that family members are fully aware of your employee’s workplace wellness programs. You can get great results by contacting spouses and other family members directly through email campaigns or company news letters. Making sure that all family members have access to all of the information about workplace wellness programs ensures that there is a better chance that they will take advantage of it.

Encourage Time Away From the Office

Time spent with family members supports better relationships and better health. That’s why smart employers use workplace wellness programs to support the use of paid time off among employees. With the trend towards employees leaving paid vacation time on the table, you can do a lot to encourage the health of your employees and their families by encouraging employees to make use of their paid time off. Further, it is a good idea to use workplace wellness programs to educate employees on the importance of staying home when they are sick, which protects the rest of your workforce.

Workplace Wellness for Families

Want more specific help with encouraging healthy behavior in both your employees and their families? Consider working with a wellness-certified Test Smartly Labs location! We have experience with creating or adjusting workplace wellness programs.

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