Make Sure Your Wellness Program Doesn’t Fail

Wellness-Healthy-foodsPerhaps your business has started a wellness program and you’re having some trouble getting employees on board, or perhaps the entire program was started and completely fizzled. Today we’re going to tell you how your wellness program can avoid failures and become successful in your office.

Why wellness programs fail

There are a number of reasons why wellness programs struggle to find success:

  • They cost money.
  • They’re offered at inconvenient times.
  • The company doesn’t communicate the benefits of the program to its employees.
  • Employees are distrustful of the organization.
  • Wellness is stressed ahead of unhealthy work conditions.

Combat these wellness obstacles

First, make sure the wellness program is built into the budget. If you can’t print off brochures for each employee, send them emails instead. If you can’t afford to have exercise equipment at work, create a program that stresses exercise and health outside of the workplace.

To combat offering a program at an inconvenient time, perhaps offer it as a year round program, that again stresses health and exercise outside of the workplace. Keep health posters in the office that help explain calorie burning or exercise tips. Your employees can refer back to these everyone once in awhile.

Are you communicating the benefits of your program to your employees? In emails, posters or periodic brochures, remind your employees why the program exists. Offer them positive reinforcement. Remind them that a healthy employee is a productive one.

It’s your job to create an environment that employees feel comfortable in, and trusted. Let the wellness program help create that environment. Again, be encouraging. Help them understand that being healthy boosts performance. Use images of happy employees on posters or brochures. Give them reasons to want to participate.

Best of luck making your workplace a more healthy place!



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