Movember In The Office

Hello men and participants in Movember.  We hope your mustaches are looking extra glorious as you and your peers are raising money for testicular and prostate cancer research.  For those of you who are wondering if this month-long activity is for not, perhaps NBC’s hit comedy, The Office, will change your mind.

The Latest Episode of The Office

The-Office-MovemberThat’s right.  The latest episode of The Office featured some of the main characters participating in the celebration.  If you’re familiar with the show, Toby, Stanley, Kevin, Clark, Pete, and Daryl all meet up for lunch, sporting their mustaches.  Of course, just like in reality, some mustaches are coming in better than others.

The Office is Bonding over Wellness

Growing out mustaches in support of men’s health is shown to be a bonding experience for the group.  They’re each competing for the best mustache, while still supporting each other and cause.  They even show characters hanging out that don’t normally hang out.  Naturally, it becomes a source of laughter for the audience, as The Office is filled with laughs week in and week out.

You can check out the episode, titled “The Whale”, and tell us what you think about each character’s mustache.

Bringing Movember to Reality

What the episode portrays is what you should be seeing in your office if you’re participating in Movember.  It’s all about raising awareness and funds for men’s health initiatives, and it’s about having fun.

Be creative with Movember in your workplace.  Have awards for the best mustache.  Maybe even give something to the guy that participated and donated, but didn’t grow the manliest mustache.  Use Facebook as a resource for getting the word out by updating a Movember themed cover photo.

There are tons of things to do.  Perhaps you can brainstorm for next Movember.  Keep it fun and loose, and grow the best Mo you can.

Happy Movember!


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  1. Movember is a fun way for fundraising this awesome cause. Thanks for sharing!

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