New Year’s Resolutions: Work Edition

How many times have you resolved to lose weight or eat better at the start of the year?

We’ve all made some of those common New Year’s resolutions. Some have been successful while others have been forgotten.

Think about your past resolutions. How many times have you made resolutions related to your life at work? If you haven’t, I urge you to think about it this year. Making a New Year’s resolution is essentially setting a goal and making a promise to work toward it. Why not set a goal to improve your career?

New Year’s Resolutions at the Office

The new year is a great opportunity to start fresh with a new goal or plan of action. You may wish to make more networking connections in your area or start a new initiative in your department.

The opportunities for resolutions in your workplace are limitless. Check out these ideas for inspiration. Then, choose your resolution and commit!

Put an end to the office dramanew year's resolution office

Gossip in the workplace is a risky move, but it happens quite often. This year, resolve to put an end to office gossip.

Choosing not to gossip about coworkers will not only put an end to rumors. It also helps keep your head clear and able to focus on work. When others see that you’re staying out of the gossip circle, they’ll respect your decisions to keep the workplace drama-free.

Commit to a healthier workplace

This can include several different goals. You may want to reduce your stress levels at work, improve team spirit, or find a professional mentor. Consider how you can make your days healthier.

Stop complacency

It’s easy to get a little bit lazy at work. Let the new year be a reminder to kick yourself in gear.

Consider setting a different work-related challenge for yourself every month. That challenge can inspire you to go above and beyond, whether you want to build a bigger network, make more sales or communicate with team members more often.

Control your social media habits

Scrolling through your social media feeds might be occupying too much of your time. If you find yourself clicking through social media (or online shopping or Pinterest or news sites) tabs throughout the day, it is time put on the brakes. Consider setting a goal to block access to  Facebook or Twitter from your browser, and see how much extra time you have.

What goal will you set this year? Let us know your office or career-related New Year’s resolution.


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