Promoting a Healthy Diet in the Workplace

We all know very well how difficult eating well can be in a workplace, especially one where there are all variety of treats for the taking. When a workplace is able to help employees to make wise food choices, as part of a workplace health program or otherwise, it can influence the person’s long-term health and wellness.

Healthy Eating in the Workplace

Benefits of Working Together

If your whole office, department, lunch group, etc. work together and encourage each other to bring in healthy choices for parties and everyday lunches, then there are plenty of benefits to gain. Some of these benefits are:

  • Reduced risk of heart disease and some forms of cancer;
  • Elevated mood, energy, and self-esteem;
  • Reduced anxiety and stress;
  • Opportunities to spend enjoyable time with family and friends;
  • Better sleep cycles, feeling more rested.

Start a Healthy Eating Program

Remember that no matter how much you plan it out or email everyone, healthy eating programs are voluntary – not everyone will join or be interested. Survey employees to help you decide what types and levels of programs to offer. You need to know what people are the most interested in like incorporating more veggies, lowering their calories, or light exercise. Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Are participants looking for general nutrition information or more specific programs such as heart health or chronic illness help?
  • Have programs been offered in the past? If so, why didn’t they last? Which programs did work? Which didn’t?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • Will the program be offered all year long or will it be a seasonal thing? (like helping with holiday over-eating)
  • Who will be the spokesperson that everyone can go to with questions or concerns?
  • Is this going to be a group activity or a competition with rewards?

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