STDs & Your Employees

Inform your employees about wellness testing through posters in the break room
It’s doubtful that STDs are a common topic in your workplace,  well that is if you’re not in health care.  Generally, personal and professional lines are not crossed and especially when it comes to the subject of STDs.

While you might think that STDs aren’t your problem as a human resources manager, you’re right … somewhat. What your employees choose or choose not to do, and what they “pick up” when it comes to the way of STDs, is none of your business. However, if STDs in your employees do go undetected, and sometimes untreated, you might have a big issue on your hands. Not only can the physical symptoms of STDs become painful and cause absence from work, but some can even lead to cancer.

What to Do about STDs with your Employees

We’re not advocating some type of required disclosure of STDs or any other health condition for that matter. However, there are some ways you can educate your employees on the dangers and risks of STDs around the office in subtle ways. Many adults still think STDs are for teens, and while it’s true that it’s a major problem in the younger generation, STDs can be just as easily contracted by adults as teens. They’re so concerning because oftentimes there are no symptoms, or symptoms aren’t detected for months … even years. Or in the case of the HPV virus, many go even a decade with it and have no clue only to wind up with cervical cancer. The risks are high for both your employee and your business if STDs go undetected.

How to Encourage Your Employees to Get Checked for STDs.

The key in getting employees to get tested for STDs: tact. Don’t force anything down their throats, but find ways to educate. Here are a few ideas to get your wheels turning:

  • Begin to host educational seminars over lunch or staff meetings. Invite a guest speaker educated on STDs and health topics speak.
  • Put up educational signs & posters in the break room or bathroom.
  • Email employees about wellness tests performed by ARCpoint Labs. They can even come to you!
  • Be supportive of employees attending their yearly health visits and gracious when they request time off to see a physician.

We’d love to hear if you’ve found any other ways to encourage employee wellness testing, and it especially when it comes to STDs! There’s no “easy answer” here, but the goal is to keep education going and wellness testing opportunities readily available. As an employer, that’s the best you can do.


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