Take a Break! Why Breaks are Necessary this Fall Season

The winter and fall seasons are characterized by cooler temperatures and fewer hours of daylight. The shift from summer to fall can be startling for some people who are used to the sunshine. The “winter blues” aren’t just a myth; the decrease in sunshine actually affects us.

Sunshine lifts your mood and boosts your immune system.

When fall arrives, the sun begins to shine on us for fewer hours each day. So, how can we still take advantage of the power of the sunshine in the fall and winter?

Stepping out to enjoy the sunshine more often is one way to beat the winter doldrums. If you work indoors, you probably have less opportunity to take in the sunshine. We’ll discuss why breaks are important for the fall and winter seasons. We’ll also share several ways to take breaks during your work week.

Why are breaks important?taking break at the office

Many people who work in offices normally experience discomfort when they stay in the office for too long. The temperature in many offices is unpredictable. When seasons change, the office may be warmer or cooler than expected on any given day. This affects productivity and focus.

Taking breaks at work is necessary during these seasons because it helps the employees to improve their productivity. When an employee goes out of the office to catch some sunlight during these colder seasons, he or she will be able to relax his or her mind. The fresh air and sunlight boosts moods and prepares employees for more work.

Sunshine and your health

Taking breaks in the coming season is vital because it can boost health. Vitamin D that you gain from sunlight exposure can boost your immune system. This helps you fight off infections and diseases that are prevalent when working in close quarters with many employees.

Taking breaks also reduces stress. Just a few quick breaks can encourage employees to relax and avoid conflict or stressful situations. The refreshing feeling from a break is real and helpful for mental and physical well being.

Sunshine and creativity

Taking breaks at work during fall and winter also gives employees room for creativity. When you stay in an office too long, you may struggle with problem solving and generating new ideas.

When you take a break outside, you can refresh and be inspired. Freeing your mind and stepping outside of your routine can give you a jolt of creativity.

 Encouraging employee wellness

Encouraging breaks outside is one way to help your employees have a healthier experience at work. This is just one part of the whole when you consider employee wellness. Test Smartly Labs helps companies across the country. Every lab location can help your business by providing convenient wellness screenings and drug and alcohol testing. Contact a location near you for more information.


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