The Importance of Ergonomics in the Workplace

ergonomic workplace wellnessOffice ergonomics are a vital component of employee well being. However, this goes beyond making employees feel good. Office ergonomics also improve employee efficiency. This means that no employer can afford to overlook the benefits of office ergonomics.

Defining Office Ergonomics

Office ergonomics is about making working conditions safe and comfortable. This means fewer sick days, lower insurance costs and increased employee efficiency. Employee well being will also improve, causing employees to stick with the company.

Make Sitting More Ergonomic

Studies show that workers spend between 50 and 70 percent of their workday sitting. Encourage employees to use good posture and make certain they have a supportive chair. To enhance employee efficiency, look for chairs with adjustable height and armrests. Reclining is also a great option.

Stand Up for Employee Well Being

Stand up desks are better for employee backs. However, the human body wasn’t meant to exclusively sit or stand for eight or more hours. A stand-up desk that can convert to a seated desk is the ideal answer for improving office ergonomics and employee well being all at once. Employee efficiency will also increase as aches and pains diminish.

Office Ergonomics, Employee Efficiency and Taking Breaks

It seems counter-intuitive, but taking frequent, short breaks can greatly improve employee efficiency. Taking a walk to see a co-worker instead of using email, doing some stretches or even indulging in a few squats or push-ups releases muscle tension and gets the blood flowing. Most employees can get more done when they incorporate micro-breaks into their day.

Employee well being isn’t just the responsibility of the worker. Instead, it is up to the employer to provide an environment in which employee well being is not an afterthought. This focus on well being will also improve employee efficiency and the company’s bottom line.

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