Transform your Workplace by Setting Fitness Goals

If you want to succeed in the business world, you know that you must set goals. Goal setting is the topic of books, blogs and business workshops. No matter what industry you’re in, you’re familiar with all types of acronyms and strategies for goal setting.

goal setting mistakes Fitness is much like business. To reach your fitness goal, whether it be to run a 10K or lose 10 pounds, you have to set goals.

Setting fitness goals will help to transform your health, personal life and your professional life.

Goal Setting in Your Professional and Personal Life

Practice makes perfect. When you practice setting goals for your health and fitness, you make goal setting at work a natural habit.

When you set goals, remember these quick tips:

  • Think big and small- Your goals don’t have to be huge. Set a few big goals that have long timelines. Set several daily and weekly goals. You will work on these daily and can more easily see the end in sight.
  • Remember the details- Be specific with all goals. Predict the time you have available to commit, the time you’d like to have it finished and the resources you need to do the job well. A goal to “lose 7 pounds by November 1” is much more attainable than a goal to “lose weight this year.”
  • Identify your challenges- All goals have distinct challenges. Make sure you know why a specific goal is going to be difficult. When you know your challenges, you’re better prepared to handle them.

Fitness Goals

Everyone has a few dreams about their personal health and fitness. Those dreams are not unattainable! With a little planning and some self-discipline, you can make those dreams a reality.

  • Make your goal and write it down. Having your goal in written form will make it more real.
  • Know where you start. To reach any goal, you need to know where you currently stand. A wellness test can show you a picture of your current health, including cholesterol levels, thyroid screening, checking for certain diseases and more.
  • Recruit help! Ask a friend or family member to keep you accountable by running with you or checking in on your diet progress.
  • When you achieve your fitness goal, celebrate! Enjoy your success and take pride in your accomplishments.
  • Let your success motivate you to set a new goal!

Have you set fitness goals and followed your plan to reach them? Let us know how goal setting helps improve your personal and professional life.


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