Upgrade your business network: incorporating fitness into your business deals

Some say that successful business deals are made on the golf course. Others prefer to keep their business decisions confined to their corner office.

NO matter what line of work you are in, you have formed a network of professionals, fellow coworkers, former clients and potential business partners. Your social connections at work are almost as important as the work you do daily.

A strong business network enables you to form partnerships, close deals and increase your opportunity. Building a solid network takes time. If you are going to dedicate time to increasing your business connections, why not make the most of your time by incorporating fitness and health-centered activities?

bicycling commuter

Give Your Business Network a Health Boost

The next time you plan to hold a meeting with a business partner, think about swapping the trip to the coffee shop for one of these healthy alternatives?


Biking is a social sport. Many offices are noticing the benefits of creating a bike-friendly environment. Biking offers great health benefits and encourages social connections.

To start using cycling to build your business network, try biking to work. Encourage your coworkers to bike with you after work. Several business leaders take to the street or the trail to conduct business with colleagues. You’ll get to relax and see a different side of your biking partner, helping you form a better connection.


This practice is easy to implement. The next time a colleague schedules a meeting with you, ask if they’d like to hold a walking-meeting. You may start at an office or coffee shop and then have your discussion as you walk. This option is great when you’re brainstorming ideas or simply learning from a colleague.

Skip the Bar

Having a drink at the bar is a classic professional networking activity. We all know that one or two drinks can pack on the calories. Walk past the bar next time and find a healthy restaurant. Offer to meet your coworker or potential client at a cafe or lunch spot that serves whole, organic or light meals.

Start Boosting Your Workplace Business Networking

 Do you want to help your employees improve their business networking activities? Workplace wellness testing can benefit your employees by showing them a picture of their current health status. Test Smartly Labs offers on-site, mobile and walk-in wellness testing collections to help you keep wellness a priority.


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