Using the Farmers Market For Workplace Wellness

Anyone else pretty pumped for summertime? Not only are the days full of glorious sunshine, but our markets are also hopping with amazing fresh produce! Summer is a great time to head over to your local Farmer’s Market and try some new recipes! If you’re in charge of workplace wellness around your office, here are a few ideas on how to utilize the Farmer’s Market for your healthy initiatives!


Great Farmer’s Market Finds

Use your local Farmer’s Market to your advantage this summer! How? Well, depending on your workplace you will need to find what works best for you. But if you’re looking for a few ideas, here’s a running start:

Host a cook-off requiring Farmer’s Market ingredients

If you have a conference room and regular meetings with your team, host a workplace cook-off! Encourage employees to bring a dish made from veggies at the Farmer’s Market. Not only will it get your employees together, but it can be super healthy and fun.

Field trip to the market or farm

Get everyone away from their desks and moving around with a field trip! If you have all afternoon, coordinate a trip out to an actual farm to see gardening in action! If you only have a short amount of time (or no local farms nearby), head out to a Farmer’s Market together.

Partner with a farm to bring fresh produce

We talked about Fresh Fruit days a few posts ago, and this is a great time to begin! You can even try to find a local producer and have them bring fresh fruits and veggies from their farm each week. Not only is it healthy produce, but it’s local!

Give client gifts of fresh produce

If your organization depends on clients and client relationships, consider a unique client gift of fresh or local produce! Or, make a new recipe with ingredients purchased at the local Farmer’s Market. It shows creativity, health and an investment in the community.

Cater lunch

Lastly, you could cater a lunch for your employees with restaurants that use local and fresh produce.

Need other ideas about how to implement workplace wellness?

Find one of our local wellness centers near you.



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