Vending Machine Transformation: Healthy Snacks at Work

Snacking is a regular part of the day for most people. What’s the fastest way to grab a snack to cure your hunger? The trusty vending machine is one of the quickest ways to access food — there is sure to be a vending machine nearby, no matter where you are.

If we know anything about vending machines, we know that most of them house junk food. An average vending machine will have a wide variety of not so healthy snacks such as chips, mini cookies, cheese crackers and sugar-laden candy bars.

Junk food is the vending machine status quovending machine healthy snacks

Several vending companies are trying to break that image. New healthy vending machines are popping up across the country in schools, offices and retail centers. These vending machines are posing themselves as a quick option for healthy snacking. They serve fruit, salads, air popped chips and more.

Your office’s breakroom may house a traditional vending machine largely stocked with salty snacks and sweet treats. That doesn’t mean you can’t bring your own healthy snacks to the office and create your own “quick stop” for light and nutritious bites.

Here are several benefits of packing (or grabbing) healthy snacks while you’re hard at work:

Benefits of Healthy Snacks

  1. Replaces energy lost after exercise: Snacks comprising of carbohydrates and small amount of proteins are the most ideal. They are essential in speeding up muscle recovery. They also boost energy recovery after exercise.

  2. Boosting and sustaining energy levels: Occasional snacks raise blood sugar. They are essential in preventing blood sugar levels from decreasing between meals. An ideal snack should incorporate high-protein, high fiber foods such as carrots and hummus.

  3. Increased nutrient intake: A healthy snack can increase your nutrient intake for the day, while a candy bar does little to improve your nutrition. Veggies, fruit and whole grain crackers can help you get the recommended vitamin intake.

  4. Curbs cravings: Eating regular small snacks can curb cravings by regulating your metabolism.

  5. Lifelong healthy eating habits: If you make healthy snacks a part of your routine now, you’re much more likely to continue choosing fresh foods and healthy portions for the rest of your life.

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