Weight Loss, Stroke, & High Blood Pressure: How Workplace Wellness Can Help

Among May’s many health designations, the month is known for High Blood Pressure and Stroke Awareness. These ailments should be concerns for any Americans, but especially older populations, as risk increases with age.

Fortunately, a good workplace wellness program should give any employee the needed support to lower high blood pressure and mitigate stroke risks. Here’s how.

Use Workplace Wellness to Reduce High Blood Pressure & Stroke Risk

Your Weight & Blood PressureTest Smartly Labs Weight Loss, Stroke, & High Blood Pressure

An increased body weight will lead to an increased blood pressure. This is because the added weight means more pressure is required to move the blood through the body. If weight is gained in the abdomen in particular, the risk for high blood pressure increases further, as abdominal fat can cause stiffening and thickening of the arteries. This hardening makes it more difficult for the arteries to do their job and transport blood. As it becomes more difficult for blood to travel through your arteries, adrenalin increases, causing higher salt retention and leading to a further increase of blood pressure.

Your Weight & Stroke Risk

Higher stroke risk is also linked to being overweight. Certain risk factors that are affected by your weight — including high blood pressure and increased plaque buildup — can be controlled by better regulating your weight. A lower blood pressure can prevent repeat attacks once you have had a stroke, and attaining the right cholesterol levels can reduce harmful plaque buildup in the arteries.

Your Weight & Workplace Wellness

So how does workplace wellness tie into regulating these health risks? A good workplace wellness program should have the following components:

  • Weight management program: for employees who are obese, at-risk, or who simply want to keep their weight in line, a weight management program can provide tips for healthy eating and exercising to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. The program should include general healthy living tips as well as specific tracking related to each individual’s weight loss journey.
  • Health screenings: a workplace wellness program that includes health screenings, such as a cholesterol panel and blood pressure check, will help with your weight loss, stroke reduction, and high blood pressure reduction goals. These health tests could come in the form of a comprehensive biometric screening or as individual lab tests.
  • Health Risk Assessments: a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) can also help catch and prevent health problems — like high blood pressure — from causing further complications. By establishing a benchmark for your current health, the HRA can help you track any changes and make needed adjustments before stroke risk or blood pressure increases too much.

Watch Your Weight, Stroke Risk, & Blood Pressure With Test Smartly Labs

The wellness-certified Test Smartly Labs located nationwide make it easy for you to monitor your weight and reduce blood pressure and stroke risk. Whether you’re an employer looking to improve your workplace wellness program or an individual wanting to take charge of your own health, we provide the services you need to prioritize your health.

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