Wellness Is For Spouses, Too?

You know the benefits of having a wellness program: lower healthcare costs for employees, better workplace morale, increased productivity and healthier employees.

Did you know the benefits of your company’s wellness program can extend to your employees’ spouses too?

Wellness Benefits For Spouses

Get-your-family-involved-in-your-wellness-programLast year a report by the Health Enrichment Resource Organization (HERO) showed that three-fourths of employers who implemented wellness programs at work extended the program to employees’ spouses, too. Employees with dependents tend to incur higher medical costs. But despite that, employees with dependents participating in a wellness program showed more success and met goals:

Employers that include spouses in key components of employee health management benefits reported employee participation rates in lifestyle coaching twice as high as those that did not include spouses—28 percent vs. 14 percent.

HERO’s research showed that couples in wellness programs see better results than those who participate alone. This works great for employers who offer dependent coverage. Research shows that involving the spouse can pay off in more ways than one.

Getting the family involved in wellness

The research report also showed that some employers are beginning to look at the entire family and take steps toward making it healthier.

Employers who do make the same wellness benefits available to employees and families commonly offer health assessments, life coaching, smoking cessation programs, weight reduction programs and disease management.

So while having the support of the spouse is critical for participation – having options for the entire family might even appeal to others considering your wellness programs.

Why Wellness?

With the growing trend in wellness, more and more studies like this will be out. Employers are the ones feeling the impact of unhealthy employees and their families when it comes to premium costs. By offering wellness programs and wellness tests, like those from our friends at Test Smartly Labs, you can not only cut costs but you will improve the quality of life (and health) of your employees and their families.

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