Why Flexible Scheduling Might Help Employee – and Company – Health

While more companies are beginning to offer flexible scheduling options, the traditional 8:30 to 5:00 workday remains the standard. Employers tend to feel that keeping workers on identical, fixed schedules is easier for everyone. However, evidence suggests that flexible scheduling is healthier for employees and their employers.

The Benefits of Flexible Scheduling

Studies demonstrate that when people have more control over their work schedule, they tend to adopt healthier habits as well as being more productive on the job. This results from the increased ability to follow their natural sleep pattern, control when they exercise and manage when they have meals. Additionally, people who use flexible scheduling are better at striking a work/life balance that allows them to put in more quality family time.

Lower Stress Levels

The modern workplace is beset with ongoing stress that can be a serious detriment to the health and productivity of workers. The more stressed an employee feels, the more likely they are to call in sick or to rely heavily on employer-sponsored health insurance. Workers who experience less stress thanks to flexible scheduling are much more likely to show up feeling positive and ready to be productive.

Is Flexible Scheduling Practical?

Flexible scheduling is not necessarily realistic across all industries. Nonetheless, it can be implemented in far more sectors than those in which it is currently utilized. Flexible scheduling can mean greater choice in where and when work is performed as well as giving workers the power to reduce their workload. In some industries, telecommuting is both popular and effective.

Training Is the First Step

If you’d like to explore the benefits of flexible scheduling for your organization, the process can begin by gathering executives and managers to brainstorm about how telecommuting and flex hours can best be implemented. Also, ask your employees what they would be interested in so you can look at potential schedules.

It’s always worth trying something new to see if your staff will be at their best when they are on the clock!

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