Why Should Employees Participate in Workplace Wellness Programs?

A healthy workforce is a huge asset to a company. They are more productive, happier, and they save their employers money in terms of the cost of health insurance.

Test Smartly Labs wants to take this opportunity to share information about why employees, not just employers, get great benefits from utilizing workplace wellness programs.

Benefits of Workplace Wellness Programs

workplace wellness program

Workplace wellness programs help businesses by creating a healthier workforce. Employees are one of a company’s most valuable assets, so it pays to take care of them. There is increased productivity, less turnover, less absenteeism, and reduced cost for health care services. Many employers even offer access to a workplace wellness program as an incentive to lure potential employees. But employers are not the only ones who benefit from the skillful implementation of workplace wellness programs. Employees stand to benefit greatly from these programs, too.

How Employees Benefit From Workplace Wellness Programs

For one thing, an employee’s wallet might stand to benefit from workplace wellness programs. Over 66% of employers who have more than 50 employees offer financial incentives to increase participation. But what else do employees stand to gain? By making employees more aware of health risks and giving them access to tools to change their health like Health Risk Assessments, employees can reach their individual health goals. Here are some specific benefits for employees.

Better Employee Sleep Habits

25% of employees don’t get enough sleep on 50% of nights. Workplace wellness programs can help to address this issue by making sure that employees are encouraged to adapt lifestyle habits that help them get sufficient rest. Educating employees about small behavioral tweaks like turning off the television an hour before bed can make a big difference in how much sleep they get.

Reduced Stress Levels

Employees who have access to workplace wellness programs benefit from reduced stress levels.  This is important because stress levels are increasing as employees often work longer and longer hours. The forty hour workweek has stretched into sixty hours for a lot of employees. So a workplace wellness program that gives employees access to stress management techniques is vital to maintaining a healthy, viable workforce. And any measure taken to increase physical health, like exercise or eating well, has the added benefit of reducing stress.

Develop Life-Long Health Habits

Eating right and exercising aren’t just the things to do until you reach your weight loss goal. They are lifestyle changes that can keep you healthy into retirement. But it takes about 66 days for a daily practice to become a habit. So the support and structure of a workplace wellness program can be invaluable in helping employees adhere to their healthy practices long enough to make them habits.

Partner with an Experienced Workplace Wellness Team

Whether your workplace needs Health Risk Assessment services or other workplace wellness solutions, our team has you covered. To find out how Test Smartly Labs can help you make the most of your workplace wellness programcontact your nearest location  today!


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