Why You Should Encourage Employees to Soak Up the Summer 

The work culture in America appears to place a premium on the employee who comes in early, goes home late and doesn’t vacation.

However, studies suggest that this employee isn’t so much a candidate for a promotion as they are for a heart attack.

The bottom line is that taking vacation time is vital not only to employee health but also to company productivity. This means that management must encourage workers to take time away from the office, as counterintuitive as this may seem.

Vacation: Not Just Good for Employees, But Good for Business, Too.

Vacation Benefits Employee Health

Constant stress is a drain on mental and emotional well-being, and the standard 9-5 job comes with its fair share of stress-inducing situations.

Time off from work benefits employee health by giving them a break from the day-to-day strain. Typically, this translates to fewer sick days and lower healthcare costs for the employer.

Other Reasons to Encourage Vacation Days

Whether a worker travels to the other side of the globe or takes a refreshing “staycation” for employee health, they are removing themselves from their familiar routine.

This provides them with an opportunity to experience new places, people and events. Frequently, this stimulates creativity and productivity when they return to their job. Many supervisors have noted that people who take vacation days are more productive than those who don’t.

Improve Your Company Profile

When you encourage workers to take vacation, you give them explicit permission to relax and let go. They feel confident that they won’t be penalized for their absence, and they’ll probably also recognize that their company is genuinely concerned about employee health. In turn, this encourages them to speak positively about their employer, perhaps even to a well-qualified job candidate.

Encouraging workers to enjoy vacation days is an excellent way to promote employee health while also ensuring a better bottom line for the organization. Be open about wanting workers to take vacations to improve the atmosphere at your workplace.

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