Why Your Beige Walls Could be Hurting Your Employees’ Health

The environment your employees work in plays a huge role in how productive they are and how good they feel. The temperature, lighting and the color of the walls

This doesn’t just include the psychological environment; it also refers to the physical setting. The temperature, lighting and the color of the walls affect employee mood and alertness levels.

If you want healthy employees, then you may need to redesign their workspace. Here are the elements that play an important role in employee health.

Is Your Workplace Affecting Employee Health?

Healthy Employees Are Productive

Healthy employees show up at work ready to get tasks accomplished. However, a poor working environment leaves workers feeling depressed or agitated, neither of which are conducive to producing timely, high-quality work.

Be Aware of Temperature

A cold office is one that has even healthy employees wasting time and energy. They are distracted by trying to keep warm rather than focusing on the task at hand. Studies show that a temperature of 77 degrees is optimal for making certain that healthy employees remain productive all day.

Let In Natural Light

Other studies demonstrate a link between artificial lighting and sleepiness, particularly in the afternoon. Test subjects who were exposed to natural light throughout the day were far more alert than those who used fluorescent lighting. Plus, natural light is softer, soothing to the eyes and warms the look of the workspace.

Watch Out for Color

Many offices are using bold or saturated colors to give their space a stylish appeal. The trouble is that these hues are often more liable to promote distraction and a worried energy than they are to build optimum working conditions. If you want healthy employees who have the right amount of energy and are focused, then you have to choose a softer, subtler color.

The Right Environment = Healthy Employees

By regulating the temperature, letting in natural light and choosing warmer, neutral paint that shies away from bright white and bold colors, many workplaces are ensuring that their healthy employees feel better at work.

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