Workplace Wellness: A New Priority

Companies Increasingly Value Workplace Wellness

Workplace wellness has become a priority in recent years as companies focus their attention on gaining an edge over competitors by attracting and retaining new talent. A big part in this shift is in placing wellness features into workplace building designs and finding ways to make buildings energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Why are companies focusing on workplace wellness? According to the Thought Leader Colliers International, employee wellness can give a company a real advantage because often the actions that companies take to promote wellness also end in enhancing the creativity and innovation of the workers.

What Companies Do to Promote Workplace Wellnessworkplace wellness

Keith Perske, the executive managing director of workplace strategy for Colliers corporate solutions, says that workplace wellness is much more than simply installing a fitness center. By looking at workplaces as holistic systems, rather than simply offices, they broaden their focus and create workplaces that serve as hubs for productivity and creativity. The workplace wellness component is an important part of this holistic system. In order to truly promote wellness, a company must provide healthy food options, encourage physical activity and access to the outdoors. It must provide stimulating spaces that encourage authentic and productive interactions between employees. When people are more relaxed and are able to move around, they tend to be more creative and inventive.

These new ideas for workplace wellness are especially important at this time when a large generation shift is occurring in the workforce. The millennials who are now entering the workforce in influential numbers, prioritize compelling workplaces that they will truly love to work at, according to Colliers. From stand up desks to reconfigured office layouts that bring more natural light into the space, companies are now finding all kinds of ways to attract  the best and brightest employees.

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