Workplace Wellness Ideas You’ll Love

Workplace wellness programs are becoming more and more popular. They reduce health costs, but more importantly, workplace wellness programs boost employee morale and make the work environment healthier as well. Sometimes implementing these types of programs for the first time is challenging–you don’t know what programs will be the most effective and cost-efficient for your workplace and work culture. These fun workplace wellness ideas will get those creative juices flowing!

A Fitbit ChallengeWorkplace Wellness

Fitbits are a fun and trendy technology that your employees will love to use. They are easy to work and they make it easy to keep track of activity and progress. Set several different levels of goals, keeping in mind that each employee is at a different fitness level. Employees can choose the level that matches their personal fitness and their goals. Make it even more fun by setting some type of competition or reward system. Not only will the Fitbit challenge be fun and easy for all employees to participate in, but it will also be effective. All employees, no matter what fitness level, can benefit by being encouraged to move more and to be more active in their everyday lives.

Enter a Race

Get employees involved in a race. Incentivize participation by reimbursing part or all of the cost of entering the race. Preparing for something like a race, from a 5k to a half-marathon, encourages people to get into shape and practice in the weeks or months leading up to the race. As an added bonus, often 5ks and other races are in support of some type of charity or non-profit organization, meaning that you and your employees can feel good knowing that you are supporting a good cause.

Corporate Sports Teams

Team sports are one of the best ways to build employee camaraderie. Learning how to work effectively as a part of a team is one of the best qualities employees can have. From kickball to volleyball most cities and towns have opportunities for groups to form teams and leagues. Join a league with other local businesses, or companies in the same field. Employees will have the opportunity to get to know other companies and to build valuable relationships. Joining a corporate sports team will build teamwork among coworkers and encourage a healthy and active lifestyle.

Gym Membership Specials

Gyms are expensive! Often this fact serves as an excuse for people not to join gyms and not to exercise. Offering employees discounts or reimbursements for gym memberships takes away that excuse not to join one. Employees will appreciate the reimbursement, as it will both save them money and show them that they are working for an employer that cares about them and their health. Another idea is to pay for group workout classes, such as yoga or kickboxing. Fitness classes are fun, and when employees participate in them together, it’s another way to boost company morale and camaraderie.

Create Your Workplace Wellness Program

You can start your workplace wellness program today! Test Smartly Labs helps companies set up programs that work for them. Contact your nearest Test Smartly Labs today to get started.


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