Workplace Wellness Programs Are Easier Than You Think


Workplace wellness programs have been hotly disputed over whether they are worth the time and money, yet there is not clear-cut data for or against any programs. Reports of employee weight loss, lower blood pressure or smoking cessation have been undercut by having no control group, the report were only of participants.

Promote a Healthy Work Culture

Something that may take a little planning but minimal money spent is encouraging healthy habits at work. Create a group that walks or does simple exercises during lunchtime and encourage employees to continue these activities outside of work. Remove candy or soda machines and replace them with healthy options.

Health Program Offers

Don’t buy into programs that are based around mandatory screenings and high insurance costs for not participating, they will feel more like a punishment. If your business is serious about health and are willing to spend a little more to health employees, consider offering tobacco-cessation courses along with free or discounted medications, provide bike racks and the option of a standing desk.

Overall Benefits Could Outweigh Costs

Obviously, encouraging health isn’t going to harm anyone. If all of your employees participate in a wellness program then the initial costs of offering healthy food in the cafeteria or installing bike racks could be compensated for by having overall improved health.

The best way to start a program is to measure motivation and if the motivation is strong enough, provide opportunity. If employees want to quit smoking or lose weight give them the opportunities at work so they will continue at home.

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