5 Ways to Revamp Your Wellness Program

Does your workplace wellness program no longer suit your company culture? If it doesn’t, it’s time to make some changes.

Here are five surefire ways to revamp and better your wellness program.

5 Quick Fixes for Your Workplace Wellness Program

Offering Healthier Workplace Food Options

Food plays a big factor in people getting fit. The wrong foods cause weight gain. The right foods burn fat, provide essential vitamin and nutrients, and restore health. Stocking cafeterias, break areas, and vending machines with wholesome options makes workplace wellness and wellness program success inevitable.

Providing a Smoking Cessation Program

Getting people to stop smoking takes time but is an important part of workplace wellness. Smoking cessation options are often incorporated into a wellness program as a way to reduce healthcare costs and promote a healthier workplace overall.

Adding Walking Paths to Company Grounds

Walking is a great way to promote workplace wellness. When restructuring your wellness program, consider what an asset walking paths on company grounds are to employees. They can use break time to move their bodies and stay healthy.

Creating Fitness Centers Onsite

If an employee doesn’t have to travel extra distances to work out, they’re more likely to hit the gym before or after work. That’s why your wellness program should include an onsite fitness center for employees and their family to use.

Rewarding Employees with Custom Pedometers

A pedometer makes a great workplace wellness incentive. Companies that make gifts part of their workplace wellness plan have greater success. More people participate making it easier to make changes in policies and procedures.

Workplace Wellness Done Right

Give employees a reason to get healthy and fit! Make wellness a priority for your workers. Now that you’ve taken the time to revamp your wellness program, you’ll see great participation from your staff and that translates to happier and healthier workers overall.

If your organization needs some help with workplace wellness, contact your nearest Test Smartly Labs. Our wellness-certified locations can provide assistance with your program.


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