Interval Training for The Wanna-Be Runners

Anyone else there an aspiring runner? It seems like there are two kinds of people in this world – those born to naturally be great runners and those who will strive to keep up with them for the rest of their lives. (Or I suppose there’s a third type – those who don’t give a rip about running.) However if you happen to fall into that second type of person – the individual that wants to jog to stay in shape and look toned (yet never plans to win the race) – here’s a tip for you:  interval training.

Jogging intervals is a great way to build endurance and become well

Get Going with your Running with Intervals

Many of us who want to stay in shape to do a 5K or 10K race, yet never plan to be the marathoners, need a little coaching to get us going. While runner friends don’t think anything about 2-3 mile jogs, it’s not always that simple for those of us not born to run. However with a little training and the right tools, anyone can learn to build up enough endurance to jog a few miles and finish the race. And one great way to build endurance is interval training.

Why Intervals?

Intervals are a great way to get in high intensity workouts, yet not burn out or get too tired. Intervals of intense movement or endurance are rotated with intervals of rest and a break. Not only does this get your heart pumping and build endurance, but it allows you to burn more calories and fat, too. Learn more about interval training.

How to do Intervals when Running

From the most experienced runner to the person just now starting Couch to 5K, consider intervals to get you going. Build a base for getting in shape and then use intervals as a way to push yourself. has a great suggestion for incorporating intervals for runners:  1 minute of a higher intensity run, then 2 minutes of your normal (aerobic) pace. Repeat 4 times, and make sure to warm up and cool down. Read the full article for important info and explanations!

Getting Going with a Jogging Routine

Jogging or running is a great way to get healthier and reduce stress. Many are suffering from conditions these days that could be greatly improved by frequent exercise. Jogging isn’t only a fun method of burning calories and clearing your mind, but there are several opportunities around every town to get involved in a race and support your community. You don’t have to be a “naturally born runner” to jog a 5K or hit the trails. You’ve just got to have the willpower to be well and the determination to keep going.

Starting a jogging routine?

Get your blood work done before you start so that you can track your progress.




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