Offering the Flu Vaccine for Your Employees for Nat’l Influenza Week

National Influenza Vaccination Week is here, and this makes an ideal opportunity for employers to encourage workers to get the flu vaccine. Being down with the flu isn’t just bad for the person who gets it. It hurts their employer too. The CDC says that there are about 111 million lost workdays each year because of the flu.

The Flu Vaccine Protects Workers and Employers

The CDC recommends that all workers get the flu vaccine every year. Events like National Influenza Vaccination Week help raise awareness. Nonetheless, people remain reluctant to get a flu shot. Some believe they can’t afford it while others don’t like needles. Still others believe that the flu vaccine will give them the flu.

Persuading Workers to Get a Flu Shot

It’s important to clear up misconceptions during National Influenza Vaccination Week. The flu vaccine does not make you sick. What’s more, although it’s about 60 percent effective at preventing the flu, the vaccine can also make the symptoms less severe if you get the shot and get the flu anyway. People who are afraid of needles may want to consider the nasal mist alternative.

Sponsor a Flu Vaccine Clinic

Once of the best ways to convince an employee to get vaccinated during National Influenza Vaccination Week is by hosting an event at work. Many companies are now paying for flu shots for employees because it’s much cheaper than all of that lost productivity. Having the event at the workplace erases the argument that getting a flu shot requires too much time or isn’t convenient.

Handle With Care

Some workers will not want to be vaccinated on religious grounds or because they may have other, sensitive health care concerns. Try to be understanding of this, and work with human resources to ensure awareness of these issues.

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