When Should I Plan My Corporate Flu Shots?

Flu shots are instrumental for keeping the workplace operational and productive. Management that does not organize flu shots for their workers are asking for a logistical and financial nightmare when influenza season finally hits.

It pays to be prepared in advance, which is why you shouldn’t leave your planning until the last minute.

When Should I Start Planning Flu Shots?

Spring Preparation for Flu Shots

Spring sounds early to be worrying about a fall and winter concern like flu shots. However, late spring is when the doctors at the CDC start broadcasting their predictions for what the next flu season will be like. Start tuning into their recommendations now so you don’t get caught off guard later in the year.

Bring In the Wellness Team in the Summer

Now that you have a handle on what the CDC is predicting, you’ll need to present the vaccine options to the rest of your corporate wellness team. You’ll also want to start generating ideas about how the flu shots will be delivered. Some companies are hosting parties for flu shots to make it fun for everyone. Alternatively, workers might receive vouchers for flu shots at a nearby pharmacy.

Inform Employees in the Fall

Start communicating with employees about flu shots just after Labor Day, scheduling time in September and October for workers to get their shots. Use emails, newsletters and in-person meetings to advertise the options for getting flu shots. Make certain that employees understand the company leave policy, and provide education about how employees can protect themselves from picking up germs.

The Flu Means Big Costs

The expense to bring flu shots to employees is nothing compared to having to deal with an outbreak of the illness. Flu is reported to cost employers $7 billion each year in lost productivity, with an average of 111 million workdays being counted.

Test Smartly Labs nationwide can help your workplace plan an effective flu shot clinic. Many of our locations offer on-site vaccinations and titers testing to determine immunity levels for vaccine-preventable diseases. We are also workplace wellness experts, meaning we can help design and implement a program to help keep your workers happy and healthy.

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