Health Fair: What to Cover

Every business should be concerned with the health and well-being of their employees, but they might not know how to manage this.

A company health fair is one way to encourage health among employees. There are several goals for a company health fair. The two main goals are to educate employees on their health insurance options and to promote the company’s wellness program.

Hosting a corporate health fair may be one of the best ways to get people the advice that they really need. A health fair doesn’t have to be a dull corporate event. Many people are often surprised to find out some of the many different options that can be included in a health fair. Managers should work closely with event planners to make sure that the corporate health fair includes everything employees need to learn.

Company Health Fair Quick Guidehealth fair presentation

Plan the Staples

First, you should select the fundamental pieces of your company health fair. These activities should interest most employees at your office.

Wellness screenings and health insurance sessions are common for health fairs, as all employees will be interested in learning about their personal health and their health insurance plan. Health fair screenings may draw in employees who are curious about what their blood pressure may be or if they are facing any significant medical issues.

Test Smartly Labs offers mobile wellness testing for corporate events — we’re happy to be a part of your company health fair.

Focus on Areas of Interest

There are actually several different types of booths that are routinely set up at corporate health fair events. They help employees get linked up with information on local health practitioners in their area. While planning your health fair, think about what health topics will spark interest in employees. Do employees want to learn about options for local fitness centers? Maybe they would like to learn about healthier eating habits in the offices. Local and national professionals are eager to present at health fairs.

Highlight Your Wellness Program

Don’t forget to highlight your corporate wellness program. Make sure the wellness program is explained, but add in fun sessions about stress management, sleep habits and exercise routines. Employees will enjoy the practical programs that relate to their everyday health. If you need help implementing a corporate wellness program, contact Test Smartly Labs. We love helping organizations plan and begin wellness programs.


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