No Insurance? No Problem | Walk-In Health Care

Last week we talked about the growing issue many Americans are facing: they can’t get health care. Or, even if they have it, they can barely afford it.

While Congress works away at finding a solution to this growing problem, several “pop-up” solutions are starting to be seen by smart businesses who want to help their customers have medical needs addressed at a price they can afford.

You can still have labwork done even without health care coverage
While this is by no means comprehensive, it’s a beginning. We’ll start with two organizations we know of that are offering health-related assistance to those without health care insurance:

What to Do If you Don’t Have Health Insurance Or It’s Way Expensive

Outside of encouraging you to play it safe (like ride a bike with a helmet) and live as healthy lifestyle as you can… here are a few ideas if you do need to visit a doctor or get lab work done but don’t have affordable coverage.

Walk-In Clinics

Your local Walgreens and CVS, and possibly other chains like this, are starting to build in clinics that will see patients with and without health care coverage. If you have insurance, you’ll be charged your co-pay. If you don’t have it, Walgreens starts at a $79 visit (costs can go up depending on what you need.) While this still isn’t chump change, it might be lower than the cost of seeing a doctor at full-price. This is a good option if you need a walk-in facility to give your child a physical, to have a sting or burn evaluated, get vaccinated or even go for a sinus problem. Learn more about take care clinics at Walgreens or CVS Minute Clinics.

ARCpoint Labs Wellness Screening

While walk-in clinics are popping up around the country for stand-in “doctor’s visits,”  ARCpoint Labs is serving as the walk-in laboratories. Not only can you visit an ARCpoint lab with your doctor’s prescription for lab work (they’re quite a bit easier to find and simpler than a hospital), but you also don’t have to have insurance. These labs can collect your blood (or anything else that a test requires) and have the test run for you, no co-pay needed.

Additionally, you can walk into an ARCpoint Labs and request a certain lab test – your doctor doesn’t HAVE to prescribe it for you. Curious to know your cholesterol levels, if you’re at risk for diabetes, your seasonal allergies or even if you’re pregnant? You can skip visiting a health care provider and go directly to ARCpoint for the answers. This is great especially if you can’t afford to see a doctor right now, but you know you need to keep an eye on your wellness levels.

These are just a few of the ways you can still get medical check-ups and lab work done without having to work toward your high deductible, or even if you don’t have insurance. Stay tuned to the blog, we’ll keep posting more ideas as we see them pop up. With the amount of people in a tight situation, we have a feeling this is only going to grow.



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