How to Encourage Healthy Eating Habits at Work

With National Nutrition Month® in full swing, it’s time for employers to consider whether your workplace encourages healthy eating habits in your employees. While you might think that it’s not your business to regulate what your workers eat, helping your employees make healthy diet choices can actually save your company money when it comes to health insurance and lost productivity.

There’s no way to control what your employees eat at home or in the office, but there are some ways you can nudge your workers toward eating better. Here are our suggestions for creating a workplace conducive to healthy eating habits.

How to Encourage Healthy Eating Habits at the Workplace

Redo Your Vending Machines or Cafeteria

Test Smartly Labs | How to Encourage Healthy Eating Habits at WorkIf your workplace has vending machines or an on-site cafeteria, chances are those are two places that your employees go for breakfast, snacks, or lunch when on the clock. One way to foster healthy eating habits in your workers, then, is to replace some of the less-than-nutritious options in the machines or on the menu with healthier alternatives.

Ditch the salty, processed snack foods for low-sodium nuts, whole grain crackers, or all-natural dried fruit. Make sure that water, all-natural fruit juices, and green tea are available alternatives to high-sugar sodas. In the cafeteria, offer lean proteins, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. And if your cafeteria doesn’t already offer healthy breakfast options like fresh fruit, yogurt and granola, be sure to add those to the menu. If you prioritize nutrition among your employees by providing nutritious foods at the workplace, it’ll be easier and more likely for them to maintain healthy eating habits.

Offer Healthy Brown Bag Lunch ‘n Learns

Busy employees often fall into the fast food trap. You can eliminate the draw of the drive-through by providing healthy brown bags when your employees have lunch hour meetings. Whether your meetings are internal or they’re wellness-related seminars centered on healthy eating habits, by supplying nutritious foods to your employees during meetings, you can support their dietary health.

Host Healthy Potlucks

Many workplaces have monthly potlucks or quarterly parties, and these events can be challenging to healthy eating habits. Put a healthy spin on workplace gatherings by hosting a healthy potluck. Have your employees sign up to bring fresh foods and challenge them not to use processed ingredients in their dishes. Not every potluck food has to be high in fat to be tasty.

Encourage Your Employees to Know Their Current Nutrition

You can also promote healthy eating habits in your employees by having them undergo wellness testing that gauges their current nutrition. Biometric screenings, Health Risk Assessments, cholesterol panels, and male and female health testing are all valuable tests that can help your employees understand how their current dietary choices impact their overall health. Once your employees know their current nutrition levels, they’ll better understand the importance of healthy eating habits and what changes they need to make for optimum wellness.

Ready to help your employees develop healthy eating habits? Located nationwide, many Test Smartly Labs locations provide the above health screenings as well as workplace wellness assistance for companies looking to improve their existing programs or implement an all-new program. Find your nearby Test Smartly Labs to see how they can help your business in promoting healthy eating habits.


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