Making the Right Choices for Kidney Health

Kidney disease is a serious issue and in the United States, more than 26 million adults are suffering from chronic kidney disease.  Kidney disease is most commonly linked to those people over the age of 60 and with diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure.  

5 Foods to Avoid in Your Daily Diet

The healthy step in eating right for your kidneys is having the foods good for you on hand whether at work or home. Because many foods have hidden sources of sugar and sodium, pay close attention to the ingredients in the foods you are eating and avoid the following:

  • Frozen meals– can be heavily processed meaning hidden sugar, sodium and fat
  • Mayonnaise– high in calories and fat
  • Processed deli meats– significant sources of sodium and also nitrate
  • Soda- provides no nutritional benefit and is packed with sugars that are either natural or chemical
  • Butter– made from animal fat and contains cholesterol, calories and high levels of saturated fat

Foods That are Beneficial to Kidney Health

The food you eat and drink can help prevent or slow down chronic kidney disease. Starting to cook and prepare your own food from fresh ingredients can help you eat healthier.  The following dietary recommendations are for healthy kidney function:

  • Choose or prepare food with less salt added or sodium– it’s easy to overdo it on the salt while cooking if the food already contains salt.
  • Eat the right type and amount of protein– eat small portions of protein & the right combination
  • Choose foods that are heart healthy– avoid fat from building up in your blood vessels, heart, & kidneys.
  • Choose foods with less phosphorous-many packaged deli lunch meats are high in phosphorous, choose fresh meats.
  • Choose foods with proper amount of potassium– helps muscles & nerves work properly

Effects of Drug and Alcohol Use

Drugs can have a serious impact on any part of your body and people may not be aware of the severe damage that can occur particularly to the kidneys.  As drugs are absorbed by the body, they are cleaned by the kidneys and exposed to the harsh effects of drugs.  Remember that kidneys do more than just excrete waste, they also produce hormones that affect the function of other organs. The effects of drug abuse on the kidneys can leave a person unable to excrete waste or regulate hormones resulting in the need for dialysis.

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