Help Your Employees Live Heart Healthy!

Heart disease and stroke are the top two killers worldwide, according to the American Heart Association; with stroke being the leading preventable cause of disability. Make sure your employees are healthy by incorporating heart healthy behaviors and activity into your company culture.

Heart Healthy Employee Education

Wellness Program

Employees may need your help to learn where they need to begin to start reversing the effects of poor diet and lifestyle choices that have advanced their predisposition to heart disease. Living a heart-healthy lifestyle takes effort, as it involves changing or daily habits like eating sugar or smoking cigarettes and adding good habits such as exercise.

Start With a Smoke-Free Workplace

Smoking is shown to damage the lining of arteries, causing a buildup of fatty material called atherosclerosis, which can cause a heart attack or stroke. An employers responsibility is to provide a safe and healthy workplace for all employees, including the dangers of second-hand smoke. If there is currently no smoke-free workplace policy in place, put a plan into action. Provide smoking cessation options and provide a strictly enforced designated smoking area.

Educate Your Employees About Diet

According to Million Hearts, 90 percent of Americans consume too much sodium, increasing their risk for high blood pressure — one of the largest contributors to heart disease and stroke. Next on the list are unhealthy fats and sugar. Unfortunately, in a world full of inexpensive prepackaged meals that are otherwise healthy, sugar is an insidious ingredient that always manages to sneak in. Sugar can be more addictive than cigarettes because it is socially acceptable and in regulated amounts, just fine.

Exercise Schedule

Adults need at least 30 minutes of exercise five days a week. Encourage daily walks around the office or, when it’s nice out, outside of the office. You may be able to use a health rewards program through your insurance provider or create your own. Creates challenges like who walks the most steps in a month, then reward the top three with small healthy incentives like a health food store gift card or week of free gym classes.

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