It’s Hot. Drink Water. Hydration Tips

Depending on where you’re located within the country, you may be a little … hot this summer. Most of our country has seen record-breaking temps this summer, and with it just now being August, more hot days are ahead. If you’re in some of these unusually warm climates right now, make sure to take measures to stay hydrated, which is just as important as sunscreen during record breaking heat.


How to stay hydrated

Now, staying hydrated is easy if you LOVE water. However if you’d prefer to crack open that Diet Coke around lunchtime, it can be more difficult. While we tend to love drinks, we don’t always opt for choices that will truly keep us hydrated. But if you’re on a mission to keep enough water in your system, try some of these tips:

Website suggests:

1.  Start each day with a glass of water and no ice. Drink it down before you have coffee, tea or juice. It will help replace fluids lost overnight and get your hydration efforts off to a good start. Also fill a water bottle you can take with you in the car, or keep with you and refill during the workday.

2.  Eat two or three servings of fruits and vegetables at every meal.They are brimming with water and include the minerals that help your body absorb and use it properly. Keep in mind that most processed foods (including sugars, flours, salty snacks and processed meats) result in a lowering of the body’s water table. Eating a lot of meat puts pressure on your kidneys and tends to increase your body’s need for water.

3.  Install water filters in your home and use a pitcher-type filter at the office. Resort to bottled water when you must, but beware of the drawbacks: It’s expensive and environmentally wasteful, the plastic contains harmful chemicals that can leach into the water, and there are no guarantees that bottled water is any better for you than the water flowing from the tap.

WaterAid also offers some tips for staying hydrated:

1.  Caffeine and alcohol are diuretics and cause your body to lose water.  When you’re drinking coffee or tea at a coffee shop, or out with your friends, ask for a glass of water also to help keep you hydrated

2.  Water is the ultimate beauty product; dehydrated skin looks older than it is. Drink lots to keep your skin looking younger and more vibrant.

A good way to monitor your hydration is to monitor the color of your urine.  If your urine is pale yellow or very pale yellow, you’re drinking enough water (6 to 8 glasses per day).

Now that you know the facts, don’t get caught dehydrated.  Our bodies are 80% water.  It’s imperative that we replenish them, especially in the summer heat when we’re losing more water than normal.




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  1. Great advice. It takes a while to get used to drinking enough water but once you do it helps a lot.

  2. Great tips for the summer we have been having. Anything to stay a little cooler during this heatwave helps.

  3. Great tips for the hot summer season. I hope to see more posts like this.

  4. Hydration is key to staying healthy! So many people I know drink may more soda or other type of beverage than water everyday and feel some of the health problems they are facing may be a result.

  5. So many people have no idea how important water is to their health and think that sodas and other items “containing water” are acceptable replacements but they aren’t!

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