Where Can I Go for Lab Work?

Having your blood drawn is a common procedure used to monitor your health. Through your blood counts, you can identify how healthy you are “on the inside,” as well as identify any problems or concerns. The levels tested through blood work such as white blood cell counts, red blood cell counts, iron levels, cholesterol levels and more will give you great insight, and possibly even an action plan.

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Why Do Doctors Want Blood Work?

Often times if you’re going for a wellness check with your doctor, or haven’t been feeling “up to speed,” your doctor might recommend a panel of lab tests. Many times your blood holds the answers to why common symptoms like drowsiness, overeating, hot flashes, anxiety, infection (among others) occur. When a certain hormone, nutrient or protein level in your blood is low, or absent, that can serve as a cause for discomfort. Lab work will identify if any levels in your blood are low.

Where Do I Go to Get My Blood Work Done?

You have choices when it comes to lab work.

Lab Work Without A Prescription

First, know that you can actually request lab work before you see a physician. This is actually done by many who are short on time, want to skip the co-pay, or see if there’s a problem before they meet with their physician. If you’re curious about your blood levels, you can go to a walk-in lab (such as ARCpoint Labs) and request a health panel to be run. What you choose to do with the results is up to you – you can keep them and monitor your health on your own, or take them to your physician for further diagnosis or evaluation.

Lab Work With Prescriptions

These types of walk-in labs can also run any lab work your physician prescribes. Several times if your physician is at a medical office adjacent to a hospital, they direct you to the facility to get your lab work done. However – you don’t have to do this. You always have a choice on who performs your lab work, sometimes you just have to speak up and place a request to go to your preferred collection site. Make sure you take the doctor’s script so you know exactly what needs run before you go.

It’s exciting to see how freedom is being built into health care practices. You do have options when it comes to having lab work performed. And now, thanks to these new walk-in collection sites, you can decide when your test gets run.

Looking for a place to have your lab work done?

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