Non-Traditional Workplace Wellness Components Growing Popular

At Test Smartly Labs, we’re big fans of workplace wellness initiatives like on-site flu shots, Health Risk Assessments, biometric screenings, lunch and learns, fitness incentive programs, and the like.

But more and more, these traditional elements of workplace wellness programs are being supplemented by non-traditional components.

We think it’s important for workplaces to nurture the mental, physical, and emotional wellness of their employees, so we’re highlighting a few of these non-traditional wellness initiatives.

Non-Traditional Workplace Wellness Initiatives

According to a study on workplace wellness trends from the International Foundation of Employee Benefits Plans, based on interviews conducted with 479 managers and employees in US and Canada, non-traditional wellness is becoming a bigger part of workplace plans.

59% of respondents indicated that their primary reason for offering wellness is to increase worker health and engagement, more than the 41% aiming to reduce health care costs. This indicates that employers are showing an increasing interest in how workplace wellness can promote better engagement, not just help the bottom line. These efforts seem to be paying off — 54% of respondents indicated that their wellness programs had improved engagement.

What exactly are these non-traditional initiatives? Here are some of the top components:

Mental Health CoverageHappy Workers

Mental health assistance is becoming more prevalent in the workplace, with Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) topping the list at 80%, mental health coverage clocking in at 63%, crisis response counseling at 33%, and stress-management programs at 24%. Employers look to be addressing both mental and physical health for comprehensive wellness.

Vacation Time

Employers look to be encouraging their workers to take more vacation time — at least, 66% of respondents indicated so. Since vacation has mental health benefits, this non-traditional wellness initiative is not only good for employee productivity, happiness, and retention, but also reduces stress.

Community Engagement

57% of respondents indicated participating in charity events was part of their workplace wellness, while 46% participate in community volunteer projects. Service fosters an emotional bond among coworkers and shows your business’ commitment to bettering the community; we recommend volunteering as an alternative to booze-filled holiday events!

Fun at the Workplace

Workplace celebrations and recognition are also growing in popularity. 50% of survey respondents said they hosted on-site events and celebrations. Whether used to celebrate employee birthdays, work anniversaries, holidays, or just to let off steam on a Friday, workplace celebrations like potlucks, costume parties, table tennis competitions, and more are valid workplace wellness components!

Explore Workplace Wellness With Test Smartly Labs

Test Smartly Labs nationwide are here to help you provide comprehensive workplace wellness programs that address mental, emotional, and physical health. Partner with your nearest wellness-certified location and better your workplace today.


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