Tips For a Successful Morning

“Good morning!”

Mornings can be considered blueprints for how the days go.  If we start slow and unproductive, there is a good chance the day will be the same.  Sometimes you may feel like you have to have a mid-day jolt of caffeine to get you back on track, but if you do the right things in the morning, you won’t have to feel that way.  Successful mornings are all about getting your body and your mind moving, and doing this in a way that isn’t rushed.

Tips For a Successful Morning

 Oranges-and-orange-juice-with-breakfast1.  Get up immediately.  The snooze button is very compelling sometimes.  Doesn’t 10 extra minutes in bed sound wonderful?  There is no denying it, but when you sit in bed, your blood isn’t pumping, and your mind isn’t moving.

2.  Exercise.  We don’t mean get out of bed and go immediately to the gym, but rather, do 20 pushups or 20 jumping jacks instead.  Shake off that morning tiredness off.  Get that blood pumping.  Wake yourself up.

3.  Shower.  Let that water run and wake you up.  Wash off the sweat and toxins from the night before.

4.  EAT BREAKFAST.  You may feel like you don’t have time, or that you don’t need it, but it’s the most important meal of the day.  You need a nutritious breakfast that will, once again, get your mind moving, give you energy, and tastes great.

5.  Take time to read something motivational or funny.  This may be an idea you’ve never thought about as you slowing move through your morning.  But something that gets you off to work in a good mood is always beneficial.  Choose something that will get you excited for the day’s activities, something that boosts your confidence, or something that really makes you laugh.  Don’t leave the house in a bad mood.

If you do these things, we’re confident you are going to head to work with a smile on your face and be a healthier employee.  Be that morning person that people are jealous of.  Spread the good mood with everyone.  If your morning is good, your day will be good.



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  1. As hard as it can be not to snooze, this does sound like a fantastic recipe for a great morning and a great way to regularly spend the morning.

  2. This is great information for any of us who hates mornings. I think a positive outlook and being productive makes getting up early worth it.

  3. My favorite way to wake up for a work day is to hit snooze – sometimes I hit it for an hour. But, after that I love to stand in the shower and wake up slowly.

  4. A morning routine can be a difficult thing to establish, but it’s so worth it. I’ve found that having uplifting/positive music (anything that makes you feel good) can be useful to starting your day off right also.

  5. Great article. These tips could really help you get your mornings to be more enjoyable. I bet getting your day off to a good start would ultimately turn into more good days. These are potentially life changing tips. Thanks!

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