Working Moms: Hiring a house cleaner is good for you

Hey working moms – the 1950s called and said it is OK to hire some help!

I have a surprising wellness tip for the working moms out there – hire a house cleaner.

That is, if you do not already have one.

I am a late adopter to this notion that working mothers need an extra set of hands. I am a recovering “do-it-all-myself-mom.” But my world changed for the better three weeks ago when I finally called in some help. It will change yours, too.

Why a house cleaner is good for wellness

Think I am crazy? After all, cleaning is good exercise – right? After a year of sitting on the fence about hiring a house cleaner, I finally took the plunge. She comes every Wednesday or Thursday.

I love Wednesdays and Thursdays now.

Here is my conclusion about why hiring a house cleaner is a good great idea.

A house cleaner will lower your stress

Am I the only working mom who tries to keep my family clothed, bathed and fed – all while keeping my clients happy, the bills paid and my home clean? I didn’t think so.

We juggle a lot when we work outside of the home. Making it to appointments on time and remembering birthdays is a feat in itself. Remembering to vacuum under the couch or dust the ceiling fan has a tendency to get pushed to the bottom of the list. And stress us out.

House cleaners come in, take care of the mess and let you truly let your hair down when you walk in the front door. Less stress equals a happier, healthier mom.

Hiring housecleaning allows you to focus on the health of your family

Do you keep a running list of “need to’s?” You need to schedule the 18-month checkup for the toddler. You need to make your husband a dental appointment. You need to get your eyes checked. You need to have your cholesterol tested again.

Sound familiar?

A house cleaner can take the “need to clean the house” off your plate so you can actually get around to keeping your family well.

Vacuuming doesn’t burn as many calories as jogging or a boxing class

I know – I once convinced myself that cleaning was good exercise too. But the little bit of “glistening” that might come after I wipe down the front door with Windex doesn’t compare to the calories I could burn running on a treadmill at the gym or taking a boxing class.

Use the time you would have spent cleaning to go get a real workout.

We cannot do it all

Last – I believe wellness and health comes when we find balance in our lives.

Understanding that Wonder Woman was fictional can bring us a healthy perspective. Set realistic expectations of yourself.

How to afford housecleaning

If you carry the burden of housecleaning in addition to everything else you do, consider hiring an extra set of hands if it fits within your budget.

You might need to make sacrifices to make it work – cut cable, eat at home more, buy two skirts instead of three.

But I guarantee if you are like me and trying to save the world with a broom in-hand – you will find hiring a house cleaner to be one of your best ideas yet.



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  1. It makes a lot of sense that this would be healthier. All that stress of not getting everything done would go out the window. Meanwhile, you’ll be living in a cleaner and happier home.

  2. It’s not something that is easy to switch to for the many do-it-yourselfers but it makes a lot of sense. Having a clean house and more time to focus on the family would be great.

  3. I have heard from a lot of working/busy moms that they were skeptical about hiring a cleaning company because, ‘why pay money when you can do it yourself?’ But the time they have for other activities, like spending fun time with their kids, makes spending the money worth it.

  4. Just one or two days a week sounds pretty affordable. This could be a great way to keep the house clean and save time for the family.

  5. I think it is a good idea to hire a cleaner. Why not? Who needs the added stress? I know, right now my bathroom needs to be cleaned and it is stressing me out but I have no time to do it.

  6. Sometimes the hardest thing to remember as a mom is that; Although you may be able to do it all, you aren’t able to do it all. Moms need help too. A less stressed mom leads to a happier and healthier family as a whole.

  7. Keeping your home clean takes a lot of effort, especially if you are trying to do it all by yourself. I don’t even have kids yet, and I feel like my days are consumed by work, making meals, and thats it. About 1 hour of time to relax is all I get, not ideal in my opinion. Someday, I will hire a house cleaner too!

  8. I have been working for years to convince my husband that we need a housekeeper. He says that I have my own “pigsty spot” in the livingroom. I think I’ll share this article with him.

  9. We would all LOVE to hire someone to clean our homes, but sometimes it’s just not possible with finances. Someday, I will hire my own, but for now I guess I’m stuck cleaning my house still!

  10. I really think it’s a good idea to get the help when needed. This is a huge stress relief when you are trying to manage a household as well as a profession.

  11. Working moms are a tough bunch. This is a great article to let them know that not being able to do it all, is still okay. Hats off to these working moms of the world.

  12. Working moms deserve as much respect as anybody. Having a second hand around the house, can obviously relieve stress and help tremendously. Thanks for pointing out some great ideas.

  13. All good tips to help keep your sanity in a fast paced lifestyle.

  14. I’m a single working mother and a house cleaner would relieve a lot of stress. Thanks for the great tips, hopefully I’ll get a house cleaner some day 🙂

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