4 Workplace Wellness Trends to Watch for in 2015

We’re only two weeks into 2015, but at Test Smartly Labs, we’re thinking about the big picture.

Forward-thinking is a key part of workplace wellness; it’s all about helping your employees discover their health risks so they can take the right preventative measures and make positive lifestyle changes to ensure a longer life.

Today, we’re outlining the 4 workplace wellness trends we expect to grow more popular in 2015.

2015 Workplace Wellness Trends

1. Standing Desks

Sitting is so 2014. We expect companies with a focus on workplace wellness to embrace the standing desk.

Standing DeskA 2012 study by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys found that 50-70% of people spend 6+ hours each day sitting. Being sedentary this long can be damaging to the health, increasing your risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and early death. Ideally, employees should spend some of their day sitting, and some of it standing or walking.

By adding standing desks to the office, workplace wellness program administrators can combat some of the negative physical effects of sitting. There are even some mental benefits: users of standing desks report feeling more alert, focused, and energetic. To really help your employees with workplace wellness, you can even purchase treadmill desks that allow them to walk or even jog while working!

2. On-Site Fitness Centers

In 2015, the standing desk or treadmill desk won’t be the only way for your employees to get a workout. Many businesses will look into creating on-site exercise areas that workers can take advantage of.

Adding on-site fitness centers makes it easier for workplace wellness advocates to encourage exercise and employee participation. It can be difficult to fit in a workout with a full-time job; workers will enjoy having the option to work out on their lunch breaks or right before or after work.

3. Wearable Technology

Wearable tech has been around for a few years, and its popularity has grown among consumers — the FitBit, in particular, has enjoyed a surge in usage. In 2015, we think that more workplace wellness programs will integrate wearable technology into their programs.

Whether used to track progress toward certain incentivized health milestones (like lowering blood pressure) or to track fitness goals (burning ___ calories a day or taking ___ steps), wearable technology offers a concrete way for employees (and their employers) to gauge workplace wellness success.

Industry reports show that employees agree — 73% of workers surveyed indicated that adding wearable tech to workplace wellness would benefit the workplace in some way.

4. On-Site Immunizations

Thanks to this year’s particularly tough flu season and the resurgence of vaccine-preventable diseases like measles and whooping cough, we think that employers will be more likely to add on-site immunizations to their workplace wellness programs.

On-site immunizations make it more convenient for your workers to get protected against diseases they might encounter, which in turn lowers health care costs and boosts productivity. The more employees that are immunized, the more protected your entire workforce is, and the more ROI you’ll see from workplace wellness — so if hosting immunizations at the office increases the number of vaccinations, then on-site is the way to go!

Tackle Workplace Wellness in 2015 With Test Smartly Labs

Whether you want to embrace these new workplace wellness trends, implement a whole new workplace wellness program, conduct biometric screenings or basic lab testing, or protect your workplace with on-site flu shots, your nearest wellness-certified Test Smartly Labs can serve as your workplace wellness partner! Contact your Test Smartly Labs today for more information on our workplace wellness assistance.


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