Workplace Wellness for Women: How to Create a Program to Help Female Employees

A workplace wellness program should be designed to appeal to all your employees. This means including programming that pertains to the women in your workforce.

Women’s health is different than men’s, and your workplace wellness program must reflect this. In doing so, you’ll create a more supportive, productive environment for your female employees — always a bonus.

Here are some ways that you can incorporate women’s health concerns in your workplace wellness program.

Workplace Wellness for Women

Fitness & Nutrition Programs

If your workplace wellness program has a fitness and nutrition component, it’s a great opportunity to involve your female employees. If you have an on-site gym or offer your female employees gym memberships, they can get one-on-one advice about their unique fitness needs from trainers.

It’s also a good idea to grant your employees access to a dietician that they can meet with individually. This is preferable to having a dietician come in and talk to your workplace as a whole, since women have different nutritional needs than men.

Women’s Health SpeakersTest Smartly Labs | Create Female-Friendly Workplace Wellness Programming

As part of your workplace wellness programming, you should also considering having women’s health experts come in to discuss wellness issues. You can set up lunch and learn programs so that your female employees can enjoy some food while learning more about relevant health problems.

Try looking at awareness months and timing your workplace wellness sessions with those. For example, September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, so you could bring in speakers to discuss the symptoms, risk factors, and treatment of ovarian cancer.

Health Screenings

Offering health screenings at work allows women to conveniently access their individual health information. Learning information such as blood pressure, blood sugar levels, Body Mass Index, cholesterol levels, and hormone levels will allow women to make appropriate lifestyle adjustments that lower their health risks.

Mental Health Programming

Working women can have a lot on their plate, particularly if they are balancing work and motherhood. Including a mental health component in your workplace wellness program can help with the stress some working women feel.

Wellness counselors who specialize in women’s mental health issues are ideal, as they can use their expertise to suggest stress management strategies. By adding this workplace wellness component, you’ll show the women in your workforce that you care about their mental health.

Create Female-Friendly Workplace Wellness Programs With Test Smartly Labs

The Test Smartly Labs facilities located nationwide can partner with you to create a workplace wellness program that appeals to all employees while catering to the specific needs of the women in your workplace. We have the expertise to design and implement workplace wellness programming that is effective and results in an impressive ROI.

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