Get Quicker Results For Your Workplace Wellness Testing

Good news for employers who use wellness lab testing as a part of their workplace wellness programs — a new federal rule has granted patients quicker access to their lab results.

What does this mean for your business? Test Smartly Labs has the details.

Lab Results Access & Workplace Wellness

What Was Patient Access Like Before the Rule?

In the past, people who had lab testing, including employees enrolled in workplace wellness programs, had to wait to hear their lab results directly from their primary physicians. This lead to some unnecessary waiting periods, and at times some miscommunication. In fact, the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) found that in 7% of cases, doctors did not properly inform their patients about their abnormal lab results. This could obviously lead to further medical complications.

How Does the Rule Affect Patient Access to Lab Results?

Test Smartly Labs | Get Quicker Results For Your Workplace Wellness TestingUnder the new rule, patients no longer have to rely on their physicians for access to their lab results. Facilities that conduct lab testing like Test Smartly Labs will be able to furnish lab results directly to the patient instead of forwarding them to doctors who then need to review the results and contact the patient. Under this new system, the patient can see their lab results more quickly, then meet with their doctor to clarify things and establish a treatment plan.

How Does the Rule Affect My Workplace Wellness Program?

If lab testing is a part of your workplace wellness program, then you should expect an even higher success rate and improved return. Why? The quicker your employees can get their lab results, the faster they can pursue treatment for any abnormalities the lab tests reveal, including chronic illness, high levels of cholesterol, high blood pressure, and more. Armed with their lab results, your employees can also help you shape your workplace wellness programs to best fit your company’s needs. Rather than telling you what programming they think would be useful, your employees can tell you what they know they need to improve their health.

Use Test Smartly Labs for Quick, Reliable Lab Results

At Test Smartly Labs, we were always committed to supplying fast yet top notch service to our wellness lab patients. This rule will help us provide even better service.

To hear more about our walk-in lab testing, locate your Test Smartly Labs location today!


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