How to Enjoy Your Workplace Wellness Program

Workplace wellness programs are intended to benefit both employees and employers. However, when a particular workplace wellness program is deemed “mandatory,” more than one employee may be inclined to balk.

This reluctance doesn’t have to be a permanent state. The more people understand workplace wellness programs, the more likely they are to enjoy them.

Here are some tips for helping your employees stay engaged in your workplace wellness program.

Help Your Employees (and Yourself!) Enjoy Your Workplace Wellness Programs

When a Workplace Wellness Program is Mandatory

“Mandatory” cannot be applied to all facets of a workplace wellness programs. It goes beyond the power of employers to dictate what their workers eat for lunch or whether or not they get to the gym five times per week.

Still, they can make certain seminars mandatory, or strongly encourage employees to get screened for health issues.

Avoid Procrastination

While it might be tempting to put off going to doctor appointments or turning in healthy-habit questionnaires, make an effort to get on top of these tasks. That means less worry and less wasted time.

You’ll also avoid being directly contacted by the program’s coordinator, which may only lead to more irritation.

Cultivate a Healthy Relationship

Getting healthier with a workplace wellness program is always more enjoyable when you do it with a friend. Find a coworker or even someone outside the office who has similar health goals.

Whether it’s losing a few pounds or quitting smoking, these endeavors are always a little easier and more rewarding when they are shared.

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