How to Incorporate Cancer Awareness in Your Workplace Wellness Program

April is Cancer Control Month, and April 1 – 7 is Testicular Cancer Awareness Week — so the time is right for employers to prioritize cancer awareness in workplace wellness programs.

You may feel that your employees don’t need programming about cancer, either because they are young and healthy or because they surely already know what the need to about the disease. But cancer in all its forms is still a prevalent problem in the United States. According to the American Cancer Society, 1,665,540 new cancer cases will be diagnosed in 2014 and 585,720 Americans will die of cancer.

How can your workplace wellness program help prevent cancer deaths? Here’s how to effectively add cancer awareness to your corporate wellness initiatives.

Cancer Awareness & Workplace Wellness

Educate Employees With Cancer Programming

Test Smartly Labs | Cancer & Workplace WellnessIncorporating cancer awareness programming in your workplace wellness initiatives is a great way to help educate your employees on cancer and promote their overall health. Using the information from your employees’ family health histories or Health Risk Assessments, you can tailor your educational seminars or lunch and learns to cover the specific cancer topics you need to address. For example, if a high population of your employees has a family history of colorectal cancer or many of your employees have lifestyle habits that put them at risk for lung or liver cancer, you can tailor your workplace wellness to include programming on preventing these types of cancer. Programming like this is key because many cancers are preventable if the appropriate lifestyle changes are made, including quitting smoking, cutting down on  drinking, participating in physical activities, and maintaining a healthy weight.

Promote Physical Activities That Benefit Cancer Research

Throughout the year there are countless walks and runs hosted to benefit cancer research. Many coincide with other cancer awareness months, such as Cervical Cancer Awareness in January, Colorectal Cancer Awareness in March, Brain Cancer Awareness in May, Prostate Cancer Awareness in September, and Breast Cancer Awareness in October. As a part of your workplace wellness program, you can encourage your employees to form teams and participate in these events. Not only will their participation support cancer research, but they’ll also reap the benefits of physical activity and have a little team bonding.

Include Health & Cancer Screenings

Many cancers are preventable if the infections that cause them are caught and treated early, or if the cancers themselves are caught before they spread too aggressively. By including cancer screenings as a part of your workplace wellness programs, you can help your employees get early treatment, decreasing their risk of cancer-related death.

Add Cancer Awareness to Your Workplace Wellness Program Today

The Test Smartly Labs facilities located nationwide can help your business develop an effective workplace wellness program that includes cancer awareness and prevention initiatives. To learn more about our services, locate the nearest wellness-certified location today.


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