How to Make Your Workplace Wellness Program More Effective

Studies have shown that workplace wellness programs can be very effective, leading to lower healthcare costs and fewer trips to the doctor or hospital.

It seems that workplaces are starting to realize the many benefits to workplace wellness programs, as evidenced by the higher number of companies who are offering financial incentives for participation.

We’re sharing what incentives seem to work best for workplace wellness, and how you can incorporate them into your new or existing program.

Workplace Wellness Program Incentives

While education is a vital part of any workplace wellness program, to make things the most effective, you want your Test Smartly Labs | Effective Workplace Wellness Program Incentivesemployees to participate in the more active, involved aspects of the program, such as fitness and nutrition initiatives and biometric screenings.

That’s where incentives come in. A recent study by Fidelity Investments and the National Business Group on Health found that 90% of employers with workplace wellness programs are offering financial incentives for participation.

There are different ways you can use monetary incentives to motivate participation in your workplace wellness program, detailed below.

Participation-Based Workplace Wellness Incentives

In a participation-based program, employees can earn financial rewards for completing a health risk assessment or biometric screenings, then participating in fitness, nutrition, and other health programs as needed. These programs are effective because they not only provide a financial incentive for participation, but they also point out serious health risks to your employees, further motivating them to improve their wellness.

Outcomes-Based Workplace Wellness Incentives

The same 2013 survey found that 41% of employers incentivizing their workplace wellness programs used outcome-based programs, rewarding employees for reaching certain health goals, such as BMI or weight loss goals or quitting smoking. Employees who make their goals get health insurance discounts.

Progress-Based Workplace Wellness Incentives

Similar to an outcomes-based incentives program, the progress-based program rewards employees who are moving toward fitness milestones. For example, you could reward an employee who lowers their cholesterol by a certain percentage, or who gets their blood pressure to the right level. This incentive helps employees realize the separate steps they need to take to better their overall health.

Devise the Best Workplace Wellness Incentives With Test Smartly Labs

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