Including Your Summer Interns in Your Workplace Wellness Program

Although you may think of summer interns as a temporary solution, in order for them to become an asset to your company, they should be more incorporated into your workplace.

This not only includes conducting drug testing on summer employees as a part of your drug-free workplace policy — it also means involving your summer interns in your company programming, such as your workplace wellness program.

Even if summer interns don’t enjoy the same long-term health care benefits as your full-time employees, they should still partake in workplace wellness initiatives during their stay with the company. Here are some fun, effective ways to integrate summer interns into your workplace wellness program.

Including Summer Interns in Workplace Wellness

Host a Summer Health Competition

ARCpoint Labs | Summer Interns & Workplace WellnessThe summer is a great time to host a company health competition, and your summer interns can be lively participants. Split your employees into teams with an intern on each one, then let the games begin. You can kick-off the competition with a group weigh-in, then have bi-monthly fitness contests like sand volleyball tournaments, games of kickball or capture the flag, or a soccer match.

You could also provide incentives for teams that eat the healthiest lunches. At the end of the summer, you can complete another group weigh-in to see which team lost the most percentage of their total weight. Incorporating your summer interns into a workplace wellness competition like this will encourage them to bond with their fellow employees and stay healthy!

Have Full-Time Employees Submit Relevant Health Topics for Programming

Your summer interns are likely working for your company because they have an interest in your industry. This means they should be aware of the health risks and topics that are relevant to that industry. Your existing employees can serve as the perfect educators on this topic. You can ask current full-time employees to submit a list of health concerns or topics they feel are most important to understand when entering the field, then center your workplace wellness programming around these topics. This way, your summer interns will learn more about the industry and their own health.

Health Screenings for Summer Interns

If health screenings, like Health Risk Assessments or biometric screenings, are a part of your workplace wellness program, consider including summer interns in this process. Even if they are not long-term employees who can affect your health care costs, the health and wellness of your summer interns should still be a concern. By allowing their participation in these programs, you establish the importance of wellness initiatives and set them on a healthy path for the future.

Need Help With Workplace Wellness?

If you need more help involving summer interns in your workplace wellness program or creating a workplace wellness program in the first place, let ARCpoint Labs be your partner. Our wellness-certified locations are skilled at creating and modifying workplace wellness programs to fit your company’s needs.

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